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Escondido Car Accident Lawyers also offer personal injury claims assistance to victims of Slip & Fall accidents. When you trip, slip and fall inside a business establishment or on public sidewalks or parking lots, you can file a personal injury suit against the property owner. You enter the store or office because you want to avail of the goods and services that it offers. You expect that the place is safe and you do not foresee any misfortunes to happen. If they do, the most likely reason is the negligence on the proprietor’s part. The same is true when you slip and fall on public sidewalks or on parking lots. You can sue the owner for premises liability, which includes injuries from slipping and falling on the surfaces in the area.


Slip & Fall accidents fall under the premises liability cases. When you walk on the floor of department stores, offices, and other establishments, you do not expect to slip or trip. You believe that the area is safe. A sign is always placed to warn customers about wet and slippery floors.

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When an accident happens, it is because of someone’s negligence. It could be a maintenance crew forgetting to place the warning sign. Or he might have failed to remove objects that can cause you to trip and fall from the floor. We know that any form of injury can cause pain and require medical expenses.

When you slip and fall on the floor of a store or office, you can get broken bones and damaged joints. Treatments are available for this bodily harm but, the pain can last a lifetime. If you are suffering from osteoporosis, a fall can aggravate your condition. The same is true when you accidentally trip on public sidewalks or on parking lots. When a mishap happens on a property, the premises liability applies. The person tripped or slipped and falls because of the owner’s negligence. He failed to oversee the safety of his property.

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With all the strict safety laws in our country, we do not expect these types of incidents to happen. If they do, it is because of someone disregarding the statutes.

Seeking compensation for slip and fall injuries can be difficult. Most property owners will offer you a settlement that is just a fraction of the amount that you are entitled to. When this happens, you can ask for help from our Slip & Fall attorneys.


In order to file a personal injury claim against the owner, you must be able to prove that his negligence is the major factor that caused your injury. Most proprietors would deny your accusation. You will have better chances of winning the case by hiring a legal adviser

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We have lawyers that specialize in different types of personal injury claims. They have handled similar cases in the past. After gathering evidence of liability, they will build your case and help you get a settlement. If the other party refuses to pay, your lawyers will represent you in court. Our legal counselors have helped many of our clients recover their medical expenses, lost wages, and payments for future treatments in the form of big settlements.

With the help of our attorneys, you will receive what you deserve for all your sufferings and troubles from the accident.


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